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Aeroflow : AF95-9010

Artikelnr: afw95-9010
Ford Rocker Arm Pedestal Shim Kit 32 Piece Kit with 16x 1/64" and 16x 1/32" Shims
These Aeroflow rocker arm pedestal shim kits will correct excessive hydraulic lifter preload on Ford engines with pedestal-mounted rocker arm assemblies. Excessive preload could be due to a cam change, head resurfacing or when reconditioning a cylinder head. These shims can be a quick and easy alternative to resorting to different length pushrods. The 32-piece kit includes 16 thin and 16 thick shims, which can be used to reduce lifter preload by .030" (thin shim), .060" (thick shim). To attain .090" reduced preload, you must stack the shims.
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